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None of the members of Viña Moraima, S. Coop. Gallega have done any specific plantations in order to transform the grape in this winery. Far from it, they have been growing Albariño for many years, with some of the vines being centuries old. Therefore, it should be noted that a high percentage of the winery’s production is coming from ungrafted vines, pre-phylloxera vines that were propagated by layering and without any kind of grafting, therefore maintaining greater purity in its genetic material

The vineyards are located in the council of Barro (Pontevedra), on the slopes of the Salnés Valley, under the Atlantic influence of mild temperatures and heavy rainfall. The training system is the trellising and the own traditional techniques are followed: late pruning, defoliation and crop thinning.

The associate members of Viña Moraima, S. Coop. Galega follow an integrated and minimalistic viticulture, which is based on putting a greater weight on control and refraining from applying treatments unless strictly necessary.

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